How to apply for a Visa?

To submit an application for a visa, please follow under mentioned points:

  1. The visa form completed and signed
  2. One Photograph (Includes a color photograph from which you're recognizable. Please visit the web site or guidance.)
  3. A passport (Makes sure your passport is valid for a minimum of three (3) months after the top of your intended travel which it's been issued no later than ten (10) years ago.)
  4. Travel insurance (Travel insurance must be effective for the amount of the validity of the useful visa and canopy the whole Schengen area. The minimum coverage of the policy must be EUR 30,000 and therefore the insurance must cover expenses arising from a sudden illness and accident (also the patient's repatriation) and repatriation expenses just in case of death.)
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5. Supporting documents the
As the required appendices vary by country, contact the mission or visa center to form sure which of them you would like . The mission may request that you simply append certain documents to the appliance to point out the aim , conditions, and duration of the visit. samples of such documents are tickets, a confirmation of hotel reservation, a personal invitation letter, and a politician invitation.
The invitation may be a free-form letter indicating the host organization’s or private hosts’ contact details and therefore the invited person’s details, like name, date of birth, address, passport number, and purpose and length of visit.
In case of a personal visit, it’s advisable to say if your host may be a friend or your spouse or relative. Please note that a call for participation doesn’t guarantee that a visa are going to be issued. The host’s wealth isn’t taken under consideration when the applicant’s economic situation within the home country is assessed (a business visit, for example, is an exception to this, because the applicant is not responsible for the travel costs).

In addition to the above, you’ll be asked to submit information about the itinerary, means of transport, return trip, financial means of support and assets, and employment.
The applicant must have proof of sufficient financial means to hide the duration and purpose of the stay and therefore the cost of living within the country. In Finland, a minimum of EUR30 each day is required.
6. Parental consent is required for minors
Alone minor children who need parental consent for his or her travel.
7. Interview
The mission can also ask you for a private interview to seek out out about the aim of your visit.

Immigration Consultant
Immigration Consultant

Processing time of the application

Submit your visa application at a mission of Finland or a visa center no later than 15 days before travel. Submit an application no more than six (6) months before the beginning of the intended visit.
In case Finland is represented within the country by another Schengen state, the process time is typically longer.
The process time are often longer if e.g. the central authorities of other Schengen states require to be consulted.

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