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There are lots of benefits to studying in Canada college or university, with additional advantages you will profit by having a high-quality Canadian Education. Students are allowed to work up to 20 hours per week with a study visa, and you are permitted to work full-time during school breaks. You have plenty of time to work to help pay for your education in Canada as post-secondary schools often take a four-month summer vacation. Meet Immigration Consultants in Jalandhar for Canada.  

Your spouse or common-law partner is qualified for an open work permit as the spouse of a student if they are traveling with you to Canada. Your partner can work in practically any position with an open work permit because a Canadian company won’t need to request additional authorization. This makes finding employment much simpler. Your partner may be able to begin the process of applying for permanent residence through their employment even while you are still working to finish your education, depending on which Province you decide to study in.

Panache Immigration and Education Consultant is the Best Immigration Consultants in Jalandhar with good experience in the immigrant field. 

Is Application for a Study Permit Is Temporary?

Although studying in Canada is a wonderful opportunity that might potentially lead to permanent residency, it’s crucial to keep in mind that a study visa application is only considered for temporary status for immigration reasons. This implies that the officer’s assessment of your status as a legitimate student and your likelihood of leaving Canada after completing your studies will determine the outcome of your application for a study permit.

The officer must evaluate the applicant’s connections outside of Canada, as with other temporary applications to the country, in order to determine whether or not you would be likely to remain in Canada illegally if granted a study visa. All relevant documents should be provided, including those pertaining to property ownership, bank accounts, career history, family connections, previous abroad travel, and social activities. 

For all kinds of legal work you must need to contact genuine consultants. Who can advise you about the whole legal process after and before visa application. Panache Immigration and Education Consultants is the Best Immigration Consultants in Jalandhar For Canada.

Why choose Canada to Study?

To study further after +2 or graduation, it is very important to choose the best institute to study. There are several reasons and benefits to study in Canada. You can get help from Panache Immigration, the Immigration Consultants in Jalandhar. 

  • In Canada, education at every level—from elementary to post-secondary—is of the finest degree.
  • We can surely state that the popular insight of Canadians as “warm and compassionate” is true. When you visit Canada, you’ll discover a friendly nation with a distinctly Canadian culture that values variety.
  • We provide a high life if that’s what you’re after. Both Canadian citizens and international students may easily live there.
  • We enjoy studying as well. Indeed, we have studied graduation outcomes for both domestic and overseas students for many years.
  • Among English-speaking nations, Canada is renowned for having some of the lowest university tuition costs. 
  • None of their financial circumstances, everyone may find something in our broad range of educational possibilities.
  • You may expect adventure in Canada! 
  • One of the nicest things about studying in Canada is the opportunity to experience a climate, culture, and way of life that are unrivaled.

Why we are the best Immigration Consultants in Jalandhar?

Our clients put their faith in us to provide knowledgeable, skilled immigration assistance while developing innovative ways to support their immigration objectives. Panache Immigration as the Best Immigration Consultants in Jalandhar for Canada value long-term partnerships, and take pride in the fact that the majority of our clients use our services again when they need to complete other immigration procedures. Our understanding of Canadian immigration law is complemented by years of experience working with government representatives.

Our applications ultimately have a remarkable success percentage for immigration. Because of our professional representation, you may unwind knowing that the task will be done well. We appreciate responsibility and truthfulness. We follow through on our promises. We help the students to reach their dream destination place. 

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