Best Education Overseas Consultant

We observed that It’s difficult for students to choose the Best Overseas Education Consultant for themselves. Here we are providing important tips and advice to increase your chances of identifying the best Foreign Education Consultant.

How To Find The Right Overseas Education Consultant?

A simple internet search can help you find a list of all the different overseas education consultants in your area. However, how would you know which one of these is the right one for you?

Look for the following things to make sure you take the right call for your entire future:

Explore Online Assistance

Before going to a consultant check their websites for overseas education consultant what they offer. They have a list of course and universities that they can help you with. Also, go through the testimonials of former students. They will help you out to find good colleges/universities and to find an excellent course. Procced if the consultant offers according to your choice.


Here I am providing valuable tip and opportunity to get actual reviews of many students online. This is an important skill in the present world with fake reviews everywhere. First of all, identify few Overseas Education Consultants, in Jalandhar or the city you are living in, who has nearly 4 star reviews on most trusted and transparent platforms like Google and Facebook. Please make sure that these agencies have at least 100 reviews. Also read the testimonials to judge expertise of education agent. Some have expertise in some particular study destination and some have expertise in just IELTS, TOEFL OR PTE coaching.

There are consultants that even take stock of students who are underprepared or fall short of research, idea or proper guidance. Sometimes the consultant will try to refer the students to only the universities/colleges they are affiliated or partnered with, even though their securing high grades in his/her academics can win admission to a top institution – this is something to watch out for.

A genuine consultant, on the other hand, will engage in student interaction, identify the student’s interest areas, check his/her academic scores, conduct an assessment or aptitude, talk about their career goals and financial position before offering them options that will meet his/her needs. Such consultants have usually licensed individuals who go the extra mile in helping one achieve his/her dream of studying abroad.

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