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Improve study skills, experience a warm welcome and get easily adjusted

We understand that it’s natural to feel overwhelmed as an international student when you are accepted by your desired university abroad. It’s a significant milestone as it marks the beginning of your journey in an all-new part of the world. Panache immigration & education consultant gives best advice for you to Mentoring programs in Australia because we are the BEST STUDY VISA CONSULTANT IN JALANDHAR

To ease your transition into the ‘uni life’, Australian universities have designed a mentoring program to provide you with the support you may need as an international student. This includes details about a point of contact panache immigration to assist you. This program will give you social and scholastic support through peer relationships as your mentor will be responsible to connect you with the peer support network in a safe and supportive environment. 

Who are these mentors? 

The mentors are a mix of local and international university students who work together to support new students from the time they arrive in the country. They stay by your side when you attend your orientation and are available whenever you might need support throughout the semester.

Help build network with the university peer groups
Feel safe and protected while seeking help
Enhance confidence and communication skills
Get a chance to participate in extra-curricular activities which can be reflected on CV and LinkedIn
Get accustomed to Australian culture, cuisine, and other things
Information on relevant workshops and seminars will be readily available
Understand different ways of learning and working while performing a group task

Let’s understand the role of a mentor 

Each mentor is given the responsibility to handle a group of first-year students from within their department for nearly the first five weeks of the semester. During this time, they organize weekly meetings in small groups which include activities and relevant topics of discussion like academic requirements, on-campus support services and many more such things. 

Note: Mentors are also available on text, e-mails, and phone to support you

Provide access to the existing student network on campus
Create awareness about student support services offered by the university
Make you understand the lingo and academic standards
Basic understanding about transition issues that you might face in the first year
Design a framework for a productive interaction between new students, staff, and mentors
Enables new students to deal with the challenges and take up opportunities offered by the university

How to get connected with your mentor?

Your orientation will be the most crucial for you as a first-year student since it will give you a head-start in understanding the expectation of the study program. Besides, during this time you’ll meet your best visa consultant in jalandhar, if not then, during your first week. Further, once you complete your enrolment, you’ll receive communication from your Best Immigration consultant  to connect. If you do not receive any information, you can reach out to your university international office. 

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