Study Abroad consultant

The student’s first session is one-on-one with the professional counselor. The experienced adviser analyzes the student’s profile and consequently recommends the student to the most matched education provider in the nation chosen by the student. In rare circumstances, we also assist students in deciding which nation would be ideal for them.

  • Counseling for Admission

The following phase is to prepare the student for admission. They are led through the whole documentation procedure required to get an offer letter from the chosen school provider to study abroad. They are also advised on how to fill up the gaps, get job experience, and so on.

  • Visa Counseling

In this round of counseling, we discuss the estimated amounts needed to support life and education while studying abroad. We provide information on additional paperwork and financial criteria for obtaining a visa.

  • Process of Admission

We organize and send the documentation to the Education Provider in this step. In addition, students are provided comprehensive assistance on Letters of Recommendation (LOR), Statements of Purpose (SOP), and in some circumstances, such as Australia, we prepare and inspire students for interviews.

  • Service of Visa Filing

We are completely committed to obtaining the visa. On our behalf, we walk the student through the entire documentation procedure to ensure that there are no mistakes when filing the visa. The documents are designed to meet the criteria of the study visa.

  • Orientation

Once the student has received their visa, we ensure that they and their families get a highly useful orientation session. This last Orientation covers the visa regulations that a student has to conform to when studying abroad. We also warn them not to be misled, as there is a strong possibility that they might lose their visa if they break the restrictions even once.


Panache Immigration and Education Consultants is Best Immigration Consultants in Punjab. Our team of expert counselors and study-visa experts work to give expert advice to our customers, who are either students looking to study abroad or applicants looking for migration programs to help them change their life.

We take the strategy of guiding candidates down the proper path based on their requirements and qualities. To deliver transparent services to our clients, we preserve transparency and operate with complete honesty. 

We have helped hundreds of people seeking advice on international education and immigration. Along with this, our expert team strives to prepare candidates to make their desire of traveling to a foreign country a reality. 

As a result of our team’s hard work and passion, We are known for its high levels of client satisfaction. Furthermore, our company’s visa acceptance record is remarkable. 

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