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Australia has been one of the most favored study abroad destinations for students. Looking to study in Australia? Our Best Study abroad Consultant helps students identify the right course and college in Australia that can set them on the path to a successful career.

Australia has top-ranked institutions, globally recognized qualifications and an abundance of scholarships when it comes to education. Students from around the world are pursuing short-term English language courses, Bachelor, Masters Degrees and Doctoral Degrees in Australia. The country has now over 38,4000 international students from over 140 countries. Even towards the end of 2021, when the impact of Covid-19 was significant, Six Australian universities have been ranked in the world’s top 100. From this, you can understand how much craze students have when it comes to studying in Australia!

How study in Australia is better than studying in India? 

In the English speaking world, Australia is currently the third most popular destination for international students. It has top-class infrastructures, quality medical and healthcare facilities, advanced transportation, and reasonably affordable housing. When it comes to Australia’s education system, it focuses more on practical skills, whereas the Indian education system is 90% theory. The curriculum in the Indian system is outdated and is revised after long durations. In contrast, education in Australia and other leading countries focuses on recent developments in a subject area. 

When it comes to the Indian assessment method, it is mostly examination based, while the Australian education system assesses students more based on assignments, essays, seminars, and other aspects that are of high value. The other reason why studying in Australia or any other foreign country is considered better is because it gives you as a student a global perspective and helps develop cross-cultural skills, improve communication skills, build networks. Studying in Australia also enables students to secure their dream job in a reputed company which otherwise would not be easily possible. 

How is studying in Australia is better than studying in Canada? 

Canada is the other leading study abroad destination where international students prefer to study. Both Australia and Canada offer their students the best of what they can provide, and the universities in these countries are in a similar position. The major difference lies in the availability and credibility of the courses that institutions in these countries provide. Canada offers academic expertise in several disciplines such as Business Management, Nursing, Engineering, Media, Hospitality and Computer Science. In contrast, Australia offers educational expertise in fields like Information Technology, Accounting, Education, Healthcare, MBA and Hotel Management.

How is studying in Australia is better than studying in the USA?  

Australia has some of the highest living standards globally, and the living expenses and tuition fees in Australia are lower than in the United States. Moreover, when it comes to safety, the crime rate is much lower in Australia than in the USA. The low crime rate can be judged from the fact that the police officials don’t even carry guns, whereas we all are aware of the gun culture in the USA. We can say that Australia is much safer than the USA for international students. Furthermore, Australia allows its students to work on and off-campus employment for up to 20 hours per week during their studies and 40 hours per week during holidays. The case is not the same in the USA and is more restrictive. You can work only for up to 20 hours per week during studies and only on-campus in the USA. You can only work off-campus in the USA if related to your studies. 

How study in Australia is better than studying in the UK?  

Studying in Australia gives you the chance to select from a wide range of options during the first year, and you can narrow down your choices later on, but the case is not so with UK where you have to stick to a major that you opt at first and gives you lesser chance to evaluate your interests. by studying different subject areas. The other thing that makes studying in Australia much better is the expenses. Australia is much more affordable to live in than the UK. Moreover, Australia has a better economy, and the unemployment rate is also low, ensuring international students a job with almost no difficulties, making their transition and living in a new country easier.

Not simply the residing charges or the activity opportunities, however the Salaries also are on a median 28% better in Australia than withinside the UK. The hourly earnings is likewise extra in Australia than UK and lots of different main research overseas locations contributing to creating Australia one of the maximum favored observe overseas locations.

To conclude, our aim is in no way to permit down any United States of America or their centers to worldwide students, and each United States of America gives unrivaled blessings to students. This weblog became an attempt to find out how reading in Australia can gain you as an worldwide scholar and what matters you could anticipate from Australia which you can’t anticipate from different main research overseas locations. We deeply desire that via way of means of now, you’ve got got been capable of get a higher information of ways reading in Australia assist you to reap your profession dreams and prosper in life.

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