Ontario is one of the most attractive destinations for immigrants to settle down in Canada. It is home to two of the most bustling cities in the country, which are Toronto and Ottawa-the capital of Canada

According to Neuvoo, if you work in Ontario you can earn one of the highest salaries in the entire country. The province has the second-highest income in Canada at $62, 700 annually. What’s more, Ontario added 151, 000 new jobs in July 2020 and welcomes skilled workers from overseas to fill job vacancies

It’s not news that Canada has one of the best public healthcare systems in the world. However, did you know that each province in Canada offers its own version of free healthcare to its residents? The Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) covers all your medically necessary healthcare with additional benefits not available in other provinces like free prescription medicine to young adults.

Here are a few popular PNPs managed by Ontario:

Paths to Immigrate to Ontario
Ontario PNP Minimum Requirement
Employer Job Offer – In-Demand Skills Stream Intermediate skilled workers like truck drivers and butchers with a job offer from employers in Ontario.
Express Entry Human Capital Priorities Stream Professional workers like managers, computer developers, and accountants with post-secondary education.
Express Entry Skilled Trades Trade workers like bakers, electricians, and plumbers with 2-years of work experience.
Express Entry French-Speaking Skilled Worker Stream Professional workers like managers, computer developers, and accountants who are proficient in French.

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