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Lately, Immigrating to Canada has become one of the essential paths selected by the Young crop of India. With top colleges & universities present in Canada to better job opportunities, almost every aspirant wants to get their foot in the door to get a permanent residency in the Country.

Regardless of the many options to settle abroad, two of the most talked-about or opted pathways is The Federal Express Entry System & Provincial Nominee Program ( PNP).


What is Federal Express Entry System?

The Federal Express Entry system is developed for skilled foreign immigrants aspiring to get a Canadian permanent residency. It is a point-based program awarding points to applicants based on criteria such as age, education & work experience etc. Based on the information provided, candidates are ranked according to the Comprehensive Ranking System i.e. CRS (You can check your CRS score on our website Click here). Regular draws commonly known as the Express Entry draws are held under the system from which qualifying applicants deserving a spot are selected.


What is Provincial Nominee Program?

The Provincial Nominee Program is a joint run collaboration between the Provinces of Canada & The Federal government of Canada.

All the provinces with an exception to Quebec & territories except Nunavut are a part of the PNP of Canada. The PNP provides a fast track to Canadian Immigration. 

Each Province has its own program “streams”. Provincial program streams depend upon the category of people they want to target, i.e., students, entrepreneurs, skilled or Semi-skilled workers. With over 80 Immigration streams to settle in the Country, Canada provides multiple options to get permanent residency under PNP.


Steps To Secure PR through PNP:

  1. Secure a PNP nomination certificate through the Province of the desired choice.
  2. Apply to Immigration, Refugees & Citizenship( IRCC ) for Canadian Permanent residency.


How to Secure a PNP Nomination Certificate?

Filing of Application: To Secure nomination by a Province, the person needs to fill out an application for the same. Such applications can be made online or Offline. Each Province has set criteria of eligibility depending upon the needs of the local economy & society(on which streams are based).

An applicant must show that he possesses the required skill, education or work experience to make a positive contribution to the local society & economy.


Application Review: The Province or the territory shall consider the application made out by the person based on the needs of the area along with their intention to settle in that area.

Once satisfied, the Province or territory would provide a certificate of nomination to the applicant.


Application to IRCC

After securing the nomination under PNP, the certificate along with other documents is then used to apply to Immigration, Refugees, Citizenship, Canada, i.e. IRCC for Canadian PR.

You can go through the detailed document checklist Click here. 

The final decision as to who is to be granted permanent residence lies at the sole prerogative of the federal government.

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