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If you’re dreaming of studying in the USA as an international student, let us assure you, you will be fully guided with an unbiased read ahead! USA proudly boasts of the biggest international student community across the globe. Every Year lakhs of students in the aim of greener pastures migrate to USA from India, and other countries. Though it is not a difficult task to study in USA, yet it might involve a lot of complications if the right procedure for everything is not followed. Why, How, What, Who, Where, When, Whom, etc. a lot of questions might be dazing your mind, let us face them ONE at a time.


WHY should you Study in the USA?

Well, there’s a reason why the USA is 10 steps ahead of the world in every sphere and without any doubt this is their Out of the box, robust, Modern era Education system. Clearly evident in QS World Rankings, amongst Top 15 Universities 13 were from the USA. Study in the USA and you get the world class quality of education that gives you the company of renowned researchers in almost every discipline, no matter what your area of interest is. Who doesn’t want to experience this world class education if given a chance to! Apart from the academic excellence, there are many other incentives to the Study in the USA dream such as:

➢ Experience of the world’s most diverse ethinc and cultural diversity.

➢ Chance to grab Job Opportunities in the best companies of the market with highly employee friendly workspaces.

➢ A milestone in your road to Permanent Resident Visa in USA.

➢ A lot of options to choose from around 6000 colleges and universities and courses across all disciplines.

➢ If you aspire to be a globetrotter or a global citizen, great chunks of international experience is waiting for your CV.

➢ Lifelong option to conduct research in your field with Permanent Resident Visa in USA.


HOW You Can Study In the USA?

A step by step procedure that you are advised to follow:

  1. Decide on your Course based on your qualifications, aspirations and expectations. (Be Extra wise and consult as many options as you can as for this is the foundation stone of your career ahead)
  2. Shortlist for the University you want to study in fulfilling your requirements and matching your mettle. (While selecting the University be sure of all the related things such as cost of living in the vicinity, part time job opportunities available, testimonials of other international students and else)
  3. Apply for the course by fulfilling all the application requirements, eligibility criteria.
  4. Finance it using your funds or various scholarship options available. (Though USA Govt. does not fund any international student’s education, there are many scholarship opportunities available for students both from the university and other organisations such as Fulbright-Nehru Fellowship for Indians )
  5. Request a USA Student Visa or any relevant one by registering and qualifying for all the steps required. (You will be asked for various documents and legal formalities, be cautious enough as a little negligence can result into refusal of your Visa application; You can also consult some trusted immigration consultant for this )
  6. Pack your Bags and Be ready for your life changing journey Ahead!


What are the general eligibility criteria’s to study in the USA?

At First there are course specific qualifications such as qualifications etc. Then, As for the case in any renowned university, universities in the USA also grant admissions based on various competitive tests that are held across the Earth. A list of majors among them is:

★ SAT – The Scholastic Assessment Test

○ Tests your Problem Solving Skills

○ Generally taken by students who aspire to take admission in UG Courses within top campuses

★ GRE – The Graduate Record Examination

○ A test for admission into MA, MS courses

○ Some universities also accept this for management, MBA, Courses

○ Tests subjective proficiency of the students

★ GMAT – The Graduate Management Admission Test

○ Tests english, reasoning and mathematical language skills

○ For Admission into world’s best Business Schools

★ LSAT – The Law School Admission Test

○ Tests reading and verbal skills of a person

○ For Admission into law courses in top universities

Also There are general Application requirements, when applying to study in The USA


○ IT is what it is, A letter of recommendation from a faculty member of your previous academic institution.


○ These generally highlight the achievements and learnings of the applicant and his would be desires and endeavours.


○ Typically for admission into MBA Programme, some universities demand Admission Essays instead of SOPs.

Apart from these general admission tests, there are language proficiency tests also

★ TOEFL – Test of English as a Foreign Language

★ IELTS – International English Language Testing System

★ PTE – Pearson Test Of English


When to Apply for Admissions to Study in the USA?

The Academic Year in INDIA lasts till March – April, But systems are different in the USA. There are two starts of an Academic year – September (Fall Semester) or January (Spring Semester,  WinterTerm).

Now there is a very strong reason why Timing is so much Important and that is You may fall prey to academic break due to delay in your decisions and your chances of refusal get higher. Worry not, we have curated a quick rule of thumb for you that is apply in January for the September session and in March/April for the January session, the long time interval is taken by universities to evaluate your eligibility for the course and to approve your admission. And then you have some time to choose from the universities and reply to your approval, this is majorly done by May 1 (also referred toas candidate reply date) for admissions into September session and on corresponding dates for January session. Also it is to be mentioned that it is best to apply for your further education while you’re in the last year of your current course. In case, there is some delay and a break is there in your academic session, it is best to utilise this time to gain some experience or find some relevant reason for the break.


Where can we Find Scholarships for our courses to STUDY IN THE USA?

Everyone aspiring to study in the tech-dominated country, will be skilled enough to Digitally hunt for the Scholarships. We have made your hunt simple too. Majorly these scholarships are of 3 types and you can search for each type accordingly.



◆ You can find them very easily on the University Website

  • University of Oregon Scholarships
  • Clark University Scholarships
  • Amherst College Scholarships
  • Columbia College Scholarships
  • American University Scholarships


◆ You Have to spend some time hunting for them from the relevant departments

◆ In India some of them are

  • Fulbright – Nehru Master’s Scholarship
  • Fulbright – Kalam Climate Scholarship
  • Fulbright – Nehru Doctoral Research fellowship
  • Hubert Humphrey Fellowship Program

➔ OFFERED BY VARIOUS Organizations, Corporates and Institutions

◆ For finding them, you have to keep yourself updated with all related news, Social media handles, Posting walls on web etc.

◆ Some of them for Indians are

  • Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation Scholarship
  • Stanford Reliance Dhirubhai Fellowship program
  • Cornell University Tata Scholarship
  • The Indian Trust Fellowship


Who Are Eligible For Such Scholarships toStudy in the USA?

Various Scholarships have Varied requirements, which one can easily check from the journals or the relevant websites. Mostly these Scholarships are both Merit and Means, being from a developing country, The international students mostly get a means type of scholarship from universities in the USA. While on the hand the governments of the home country majorly provide such scholarships on Merit basis. The organizations providing the financial support can provide these on both means with some other conditions also like serving the organisation after study or else.


Whom to consult for queries related to your ‘Study in the USA’ Dream?

The immigration market is full of consultants, advisors and agents. It is difficult to choose from them and with mushrooming frauds, the choice becomes really an uphill task. Extra Caution is needed when you are shortlisting the options, always look for testimonials and cross check them if you can. If your time allows you should always reach two advisors instead of one, this will enhance your impression of the Truth. Some of the famous websites on the Internet to consult for while planning to study in the USA are: –



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