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Imagining a future in the dreamland, Canada? For sure you can’t secure one with Yesterday’s Skills! Don’t Worry we have purposefully curated a catalogue of Top 8 Careers in the ‘America’s Hat’. The Economy Changes every Second and similar trends are reflected in economic activities. In the recent past the world economy underwent a rapid change through recessions, booms and epidemics resulting in pandemic; Thousand of new JOBS were created whereas Lakhs became JOBLESS. These trends were thoroughly analysed by authorities and organisations (World Economic Forum, WHO, Statistical Surveys, State Labour O ces) for general welfare and skimming them for you we are hereby listing 8 Futuristic Careers in Canada.

Your “Study at Canada Dream” and “Jobs for Abroad?” both condensed in the following list:-

1.      Nursing and Medicine

 In-Brief: In this Pandemic everybody has realized the acute need for the boost in Medical infrastructure and nurses, healthcare sta” are the Spine of this infrastructure. According to a survey Ontario alone needs 17,000 more Registered Nurses to match the National RN to Population ratio even if there is no such Pandemic like Covid-19 in the Scenario. Also, if Covid-19 strikes back or there are more such failures in future the demand will surge manifolds and the Canadian Govt. will surely attract many of these healthcare workers with extra-ordinary schemes. Furthermore, Canada’s ever-ageing population will also need a big support of these Nurses. You can  apply for student visa for Canada  to  study in  Canada for higher qualification.


  • Empathy
  • Professionalism
  • Attitude and confidence
  • Teamwork
  • Critical thinking and creative problem solving
  • Communication
  • Conflict resolution

Qualifications preferred: A Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing, National Council Licensure Exam (NACLEX) for becoming a Registered Nurse, A simple Collegial Studies Diploma if you happen or aspire to be in Quebec, Also you can boost your career with Specializations in Medical Fields.

Expected Salary: Average Salary for a registered nurse is averaged around $40.22 per hour and the new entrants also make anywhere around $32.60 per hour.

Authoritative Validation: World Health Organisation and various Federal health Surveys testify a great demand in nursing and medicine careers for the future.

2.      Robotics, Machine Learning and AI

 About: Truly the most futuristic Careers are in the scopes of Technology spanning across Robotics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Canada is one of those western countries that have developed Information Technology to a next level. The CAGR of this sector for the past 5 years was 4.2% as against 0.7% of the economy as a whole (6 times). Also the innovations in these significantly advance the manufacturing and primary sectors and increase their yield exponentially. So these Careers are truly the most in-demand careers of the 21st Century.

Skill Set Required:

  • Programming
  • Linear Algebra
  • Probability
  • Statistics
  • Critical thinking
  • Problem solving
  • Algorithms and frameworks
  • Sparks and Big Data Technologies

Qualifications: Relevant Bachelors or Masters degree in Technology, Engineering, sciences with Majors in AI or ML or Robotics.

Salary Expected: Average Salary for Machine Learning Engineer as reported by GlassDoor is $86,986 per annum.

Authoritative Recommendation: The GMI research, USA forecasts the CAGR for AI, ML Jobs in Canada to be between 24%-26% for 2021-28.

3.      Financial Technician, Planner or Advisor

 Overview: Fin-Tech is the fusion of Technology and Finance, Finance is something that tops every business requirement from a small store to a MultiNational Company. Financial Planning has always remained the fuel of any concern and in the future with increasing competition, the need for optimising Financial Needs is also increasing Manifolds. Also with the advancement of Technology in every field, there is a dire need of Technology Experts who can Plan for the finances of the Organization. Apart from the Big corporates, working professionals are also seeking the services of Financial Planners and Advisors in large quantities.


  • Professionalism
  • Relevant Mathematical Skills
  • Critical Thinking
  • Managerial Skills
  • Communication
  • Analytical and Problem Solving
  • Conflict
  • Logical and Reasoning acumen

Qualifications: Certifications in Financial planning or Investment Management, Bachelors and Masters in Relevant fields with Majors in Finance and Mathematics.

Expected Salary: The average Salary of Fin-tech jobs is expected around $51.28 per hour.

4.  Cyber Security Specialist/Analyst/Consultant


Brief Explanation: As all the Information whether organizational, personal or governmental is on the web now, there’s an all-time high threat of hacking and data-leaks. Not only the tech-experts are acquainted with this but also the laymen are now very concerned about privacy and data theft. The World Wide Web is not foolproof so we need a Watchman for our systems and this work is commissioned to a Cyber Security Specialist/Analyst/Consultant.


  • Relevant Technical Aptitude
  • Critical Thinking
  • Coding Skills
  • Attention to Detail
  • Knowledge of Latest Security Problems
  • Solution oriented approach
  • Understanding of Hacking

Qualifications preferred: A Canada student visa to do the degree in Computer Science or similar discipline, Certifications such as CISSP, CIA, CISM etc are very much hot in demand.

Salaries O”ered: Average Salary reported in the contemporary world is $85,000 per year that is sure to soar high in future.

Authoritative Validation: The Government Agencies worldwide have validated the dire need of Cyber Security Literacy and Job openings due to the mushrooming Hacking, Data Loss and Privacy issues.

5.      Project Manager


In-Brief: A Project manager as evident by the name, plans, collaborates, executes, tracks and presides over the whole Project. The projects could include Construction, IT or other portfolios. The project manager shall be well versed with all the operations and take the charge as a Leader not a Boss. The coming era in Canada will see a lot of development and this development will see a parallel boom in open, to be opened Projects implying need for project managers.

Skills Demanded:

  • Managerial Aptitude
  • Ability to Get things Done
  • Excellent Communication
  • Project-Specific Skills
  • Networking and Connections
  • Understanding of Operations
  • Leadership Skills
  • Leveraging Skills

Qualifications preferred: PMP Certification, Managerial Degrees, Other Certifications

Expected Salary: The average reported salary of a Project Manager in Canada from the database of a survey was $83,569 per year

6.      Data Scientist/Architect/Analyst


What it is?: In this era of Information Technology, we are flooded with Data and this data is valued more than any commodity if rightly produced. Thus big firms, sales corporations and O cial Organizations are rigorously looking for someone good with data who can convey the significance of data to them. The data scientist is responsible for retrieving, analyzing, collecting and studying large chunks of data that is potentially material to the firm.

Skills preferred:

  • Good with Data
  • Mathematical Aptitude
  • Programming Skills
  • Analytical aptitude
  • Master in Statistics
  • Critical Evaluation Skills

Qualifications prioritized: A degree, Certificate or any relevant Course in Data Science

Expected Salary: The projected-to-be-increased salary in the contemporary time is averaged at $79,298 per annum by Glassdoor.

Authoritative Validation: Various Analytical Surveys across the web have time and again surfaced the would be increasing need of Data Scientists across Major Economies like Canada in the future .

7.  Content Creator/Digital Marketer/Social Media Managers


About: Just Open Your smartphone and you end up in an endless well of content that is booming every second. Years of content is made in Days and then influences the users for months, so much so that every big firm nowadays has a dedicated branch for such marketing. The top business tycoons have rightly assessed the great future of Content. In sync with the growth of this field there will be a proliferation of 10000s of job openings concerning the management, marketing and creation of content. This contemporary Career will shoot up manifolds in the coming future in Canada.

Skill Set Required:

  • Communication
  • Marketing Skills
  • Close Attention to Trends
  • Complete Knowledge of Social Media Platforms
  • Analytical abilities
  • Good Logical Quotient

Qualifications: Certificates, Diplomas, Degrees in Digital Marketing/Social Media Management.

Salary Expected: Average Salary recorded by Glassdoor in Canada for Digital Marketing profession was $57,738 per annum.

8.      Edu-Tech Experts or Education Innovators


Brief: This Pandemic has for the first time in history totally reformed the education systems across the world. The drive towards online platforms for educating humans of all ages have opened various new opportunities that will continue to positively a”ect both the learners and the educators. Also, this has led the Countries to rethink the educational infrastructure for the betterment of the citizens.

Skill Set Needed :

  • Best in Class Communication Skills
  • In-Depth Subject Knowledge
  • Relevant Technical Skills
  • Attention to the Trends
  • Knowledge of Latest Searched Courses
  • Learner oriented approach

Qualifications preferred: Relevant Degrees according to the Field involved, Certificate courses for using the Software platforms.

Expected Salary: The Salary o”ered varies very greatly while the most experienced ones in the field can freelance and earn incomes as high as $40,000 apart from their departmental salaries.

Authoritative Validation: The whooping record of 652 new Edutech Startups in Canada in the Recent past validates the expanding market in the field.

Possibly this was the best we could do for you, the Choice is all yours now to set the right foundation stone for your skyscraping future.

Best of Luck!

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