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Thinking of c? Confused about the destination? Too Much Spoilt for choice? This blog is for you! The problem with the current scenario is that Everyone wishes to make a fortune in foreign lands and almost 2X Everyone is advising an aspirant on How to do it!

Worry Not we have a very simple solution for you, a simple, smooth and sophisticated List of the Most Chosen Countries by the Indian students alongside the whys. Valuing your ‘Student Time’ and kickstarting the list as follows

1. Canada ‘The Highest Quality of Life’

Canada is synonymous with studying abroad in India! And this is surely for a reason. The foremost aim of migrating is ‘Improving your quality of life , and Canada proudly possesses the highest standards of Living in the World 🙂

Apart from this, North America’s Crown offers International students a friendly atmosphere: easy to mix in and also very attractive immigrant-friendly policies for the students to get their study visas hassle-free and also post-study visas effortlessly.

Affordable Fees and Living expenses are yet another driving factors for the Indian Students who choose Canada as their Dream Land. The Country stands at a much better place when compared to many other countries that provide world-class opportunities to International students but fail to compete well on the Sustenance Expense charts.

A plethora of Jobs whether part-time i.e. while studying or after completing your education. This helps students to account for their fees or sundry expenses smoothly and also to get a work visa plainly after their graduation.

All these features combine to make Canada a perfect abode for ‘International Students’.

2. Germany ‘The Pocket-Friendly Universities’

No Tuition Fee for both International and domestic students at most of Germany’s Public Universities. This leaves the pocket of students a bit healthier than other countries and they can survive longer on their savings. The only drain to their savings in such a scenario is a little number of administration fees or examination one and living expenses.

World-Class Education has long been flaunted by the nation since the rule of kings and queens. Even in medieval times Germany had started producing the most competent scholars in every field and set up many research universities across various disciplines. A testimony to the statement here is that every year Germany’s Universities grab the top charts in QS World rankings, an annual World University ranking platform.

Gateway to Europe Studying in Germany, a major economy in Europe, will surely open the welcomes of all other European nations for you as they value European experience over else, hence you can make your dream of settling in the dream continent true.

Easy Work is available in the Nation both during the study and after your studies. However, it would be a sure shot easy to find a job if you just learn the Basic German language because they love their language and you loving it will surely give you an edge over others. As a student, you can work 20 hours per week without any formality and thus can try to manage your International budget while studying.

3. United Kingdom ‘Competent since generations’

The Pioneer of Modern Education is this, the country of Union Jack! There was a time when a significant population of the world was controlled by the United Kingdom and they propagated their system of education in these nations to maintain uniformity. As a conclusion, studying In UK is always a charm since they are the Education Hub with many World Top Ranked Universities in the QS world ranking. Also studying in the time-tested institutions of Cambridge, Oxford, etc. is surely an experience to experience once in a lifetime!

Accepted all over the World (Majorly Commonwealth nations), such as the Education of this Royal country as the education of this country is the benchmark for various nations. Your Future prospects of migrating to any country will be damn secure with your choice of studying in the UK.

Master almost any Discipline, in the world-class research hubs/ Universities of the UK with world-class infrastructure and faculties. If you have a bent for studying and want to do something recognizable in a field then surely this nation is waiting for you with open arms. Numerous Scholarships/Fellowships are available for Indian students studying in the UK. These are made available to promote the love of studying the premier curriculum of subjects in Indian students.

Many corporates, NGOs, the Government of India and UK and Commonwealth Trust offer such scholarships. These are both means and merit-based, and if you’re exceptionally brilliant even the University can offer to sponsor your Education in the UK.

4. United States of America ‘The Top Universities hub’

5 in Every 10 top World Universities are situated in the USA, and this trend is very visible in almost all recent QS world ranking charts. This gives an Indian student exposure to world level exposure and hence can exponentially improve his power to transform his future.

Futuristic Education, every new field that developing country’s students are learning now were taught in US universities since 10 years ago. Almost all new innovations in Technology and other disciplines are a brainchild of the Top researchers in the world sitting as faculty in US universities. State funded research is a big incentive for researchers to come to the USA and kickstart their ideas.

A lot to learn from People all over the world. The USA is home to like-minded people who settled in the US to vibe together and you will have a good amount of deal to learn from them. The very foundation of the country is made on   ideas of Welcoming and Harmony. You can have a good time there if you like to interact and learn from people.

A Chance to Work in the Super Power of the World, it’s a very sure thing that if you want to settle in the States you have to find a job and finding a sophisticated job would be many times easy if you possess a USA degree and that’s what is the major incentive why many Indian IT professionals choose to do their higher study in the States.

5. Australia ‘Immigrant Friendly’

The Attractive Country, as for almost all the Universities and concerned departments of Government, has attractive policies to attract the Indian students who are always ready to study abroad! The statistics also prove this point as there’s a sharp increase in the proportion of students immigrating to Kangaroo Nation from India.

Better Quality of Living, Good Amount of Jobs, This is also a major reason for a rush of International students in the Nation that offers a better standard of living in their nation than in the home nations of various students. Also, the jobs in the country are quite ample, sophisticated, and governed by labor laws which makes it even the Boss dream to Work as an Employee!

Multicultural Society, This helps Indian students to assimilate in the country without any major resistance and even settle after their study in the country owing to the easy Immigration Policies of the country.

Nutshell: It’s very difficult to provide a concrete solution for the dilemma as it’s a subjective matter. We hope that the blog might have helped you to at least align your ideas and thoughts in tandem with the real scenario and thus come on a more practical term while deciding on the question now.

We wish for you the greatest fortunes in the future, Hope to serve you again!

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