Every privilege comes with an equal responsibility and that’s true from ‘T’ till ‘D’ while you’re Travelling abroad. If it’s for the first time then surely it’s gonna be something demanding your attention to every bit of it. A foreign land will mean a foreign language, a different culture and an all-new Law. You might be having the best of the best fascinations about moving to a new land but that may prove the other way too, to avoid using the following Dos and Don’ts list as a ready reckoner while travelling abroad:

● In the current Covid-19 outbreak scenario, do reconcile with your destination’s on-arrival document requirements.
● Be aware of your surroundings all the time, watch for unusual happenings around you, this can save your valuables.
● Do eat healthy while travelling and take caution while eating local food that it suits your tummy or not.
● Do follow all the documentation, legal requirements of the arrival country.
● Remember to use e-modes of paying wherever you go, cash exchange can potentially open you up to the burglary.
● Do check with the local persons what’s offensive to them and what’s not
● Do take proper care of your belongings even when in a hotel or in a public place, a professional thief is better trained to make you feel comfortable
● Do carry the duplicates of your important documents and keep them separate to avoid unavoidable situations that may occur if not done so.
● Do tour in numbers at moderately dangerous places, in numbers lies the strength
● Do take a record of the local emergency numbers, no one can help you better in any contingency
● Do keep an emergency bag, containing some cash, emergency equipment’s and duplicate documents.
● Do try your level best to assimilate in the countrymen’s culture because while Rome does what the Romans do! Try to speak their language as often as possible, even if it is distorted it is not that offensive yet it seems a loving gesture.

● Don’t remove your face mask
● Don’t violate the Covid Protocols, in some countries this might cost you a lot
● Never try to act foreigner in front of localities, this will surely expose you to the radicals and burglars
● Don’t walk/tour with heavy luggage, this might invite fatigue and the attention of others
● Don’t try to act smart in front of the officials, they are way more smarter than you and can easily catch you hiding details which means a hefty fine in foreign currency
● Don’t exchange your cash for foreign currency with unapproved or dubious-looking booths, this may initiate legal action as well as a big scam with you.
● Don’t carry anything unwanted or illegal in the lands of others
● Don’t try to use a word or something else that might possibly offend the people of the land.
● Don’t mess with locals even when they are wrong, in the world of promoting democracy you can never be right alone!
● Never try to film females, children that freely because others might find it offending.

In a Nutshell, be a welcoming/all-legal traveler before you expect a welcoming/all-legal community!

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